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Distribution, pharmacy and health law

Pharmacy law regulates the production, distribution, marketing, registration of prescription and non-presciption pharmaceutical substances. Medicine law regulates health sector matters, our lawyers have experience in consulting the companies supplying medical equipment to private and budget clients. Distribution law includes distribution, agency, commercial representation, commission, franchise as well as other similar transactions.

Our firm law lawyers provide the following services related to distribution in Vilnius and Lithuania:

  • provide legal advise on distribution, agency, commercial representation, commission, sale-purchase, supply, franchise and other related issues;
  • draft agreements and standard terms and conditions;
  • provide legal consulting on issues related to conducting transactions;
  • represent clients in negotiations on transactions;
  • provide strategic advise on transaction structure;
  • represent clients in disputes arising from business transactions;
  • provide legal advice and assistance in relation to licensing and permits for client business and business organisation;
  • provide legal advice on business structuring and related  issues.

Our lawyers successfully use their wide experience and knowledge while consulting our clients on choosing and implementing optimum distribution schemes, preparing agreements and contracts, drafting standard terms and conditions as well as providing legal advise on various business related issues

Please refer to legal services section, to find more information our law firm lawyers provide in Vilnius, Lithuania