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Fusioni e acquisizioni

Mergers and Acquisitions law practice includes assistance related to purchase of business, privatisation, acquisition and transfer of the companies’ shares, reorganisation and similar processes.

Our lawyers provide the following services related to mergers and acquisitions of companies:

  • consult and assist in the preparation and implementation of business purchase transactions;
  • consult and assist in the structuring of business purchase transactions;
  • perform legal due diligence of the companies to be acquired;
  • assist in receiving concentration and other permits required for the transactions or implementation of the transactions;
  • draft transaction documents, including sale-purchase agreements of shares or companies;
  • represent clients in negotiations;
  • consult after conclusion of business restructuring, acquisition and other transactions;
  • assist with dispute resolution in relation to mergers and acquisitions.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in this field, they have participated and provided legal services in numerous major privatisations, acted as legal counsels in share acquisition and disposal transactions, corporate conversion restructuring and other similar processes.

The Professional Law Partnership has developed a special due diligence technique, which allows to effectively evaluate possible legal risks. The due diligence team is lead by experienced lawyers, and the members of the team have an extensive range of experience and knowledge in various fields of law and industries.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in preparing legal documents in relation to international corporate restructuring.