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Company law

Company law includes establishment of companies, meetings of shareholders and other bodies, appointment and revocation of members of the bodies, corporate governance, increase and decrease of share capital and similar regulation.

Our firm law lawyers provide the following services related to company law in Vilnius and Lithuania:

  • consult on the establishment of companies and other legal persons, draft the required documents;
  • consult on increasing or decreasing share capital;
  • provide legal assistance in the conversion of companies and other legal persons;
  • assist in selection and reorganisation of management structures of companies and company groups;
  • evaluate tax issues of the selected corporate management structures;
  • consult and provide solutions regarding issues of competence, restriction of functions and responsibility of the governing bodies and their members;
  • consult in organising shareholders meetings and other bodies, appointing and recalling the members of management bodies;
  • consult on shareholder rights and their implementation;
  • provide assistance in preparing (shareholder) voting, vote transfer and other agreements;
  • draft regulations of management bodies;
  • provide assistance in investigation of the activities of legal persons;
  • consult on the issues of securities, the tender offers, mandatory sale and acquisition of shares as well as other issues related to the securities market;
  • consult and represent clients in shareholder disputes, disputes between shareholders and governing bodies, in negotiations or in court;
  • provide assistance in liquidation procedures.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in company law, they successfully consult and represent the interests of the clients. Our experience has been proven many times while preparing shareholders’ cooperation agreements, assisting to achieve peaceful settlement agreements in the disputes between shareholders both in pre-trial stage and in court, to choose adequate legal remedies in disputes between shareholders and governing bodies (initiating investigation of legal person and its managing bodies, preventive claims, combining revoking of managing bodies with non-competition agreements etc.). Other examples of successful actions of our lawyers in company law include collaborative work of our lawyers with tax experts while analysing company conversion.

Our lawyers draft documents and provide assistance in establishing companies not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries. Our lawyers are recognised experts in EU company law, they participate in the work of the EC, have published a number of articles on EU law problems (e. g. expedience of establishing a European company, etc.)

Our lawyers closely cooperate with the specialists of the Register of Legal Persons, take part in various working groups related to the legal regulation of companies.

Please refer to legal services section, to find more information our law firm lawyers provides in Vilnius, Lithuania